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The Effect of Exploration Motivation

Exploration motivation is individual desire that urges individuals to strive for novelty and challenge (Kashdan et al., 2004). Gamers with high exploration motivation are motivated to continuously seek for novelty and challenge in games. To fulfill their exploration motivations, gamers need to pay the monthly access fee to gain continuous access to go on their road of novelty and challenge seeking. Thus, gamers with stronger exploration motivation are posited to show more willingness to pay monthly access fees. Individuals explore for satisfying their curiosity (Loewenstein, 1994; Litman, 2005), which comprises the enjoyable experience of discovering something new (Silvia, 2005). Applying the curiosity theory to online games, it is legitimate to propose that the expectation of discovering something new in the future would motivate individuals to play online games continuously. Since monthly access fees enable gamers to access games continuously, gamers with stronger exploration motivation are expected to be more willing to pay the monthly access fees.

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